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ETPB Laboratory

Enzyme Technology and Protein Bioinformatics Laboratory was established in 2011 and now the ETPB Futuristic Lab version 2 is being established at School of Biotechnology, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi (An institute of Eminence).(https://new.bhu.ac.in/Site/FacultyProfile/1_183?FA001006) . We believe in innovative and advanced research in the field of enzyme technology and Protein Bioinformatics and other interdisciplinary areas of life sciences and biomedical sciences. We work on our university vision 'transformative learning community' and each of our lab members deem on thought of Dr. Stephen Hawking thought that “Science is beautiful when it makes simple explanations of phenomena or connections between different observations”. We also believe on collaborative research and follow the ideas of ‘’innovations by collaborations’’.

One of our interest to produce various enzymes and proteins from microorganisms viz. bacteria, fungi and microalgae for their applications in industries like paper and pulp industry, dairy and food industry, pharmaceutical, textile etc. We have also isolated various Probiotics form different source of fermented foods and exploited them for health benefits. Currently, we are also working on various fields such as algal Biotechnology, Systems biology, Microbial Bioremediation, Probiotics and Prebiotics including some innovative cross disciplinary areas of biomedical sciences. We are also working collaboratively on various projects with various international universities from China, USA, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and Greece.

Microorganisms are the ultimate source of research and provide inspiration as well as solution for every problem faced by our society. Our laboratory tries to explore diverse microbes for the betterment of humanity and application in the field of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. We are tring to develop few systems biology tools and many other Web resources at ETPB laboratory. This web portal provides information about various kind of research going on in our laboratory in the field of microbiology at ETPB Lab. Please contact us for further information and opportunities.


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